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SHELLY DONALDSON is and has always been devoted to the community of Metchosin. After years of experience participating in Council meetings, Budget Workshops, working on committees,  and consistently volunteering in her community, she endeavours to be involved to enhance the lives of families, seniors and young people. Shelly is now taking it to politics. It’s this intense dedication, passion, and devotion that protects our rural integrity. Support SHELLY DONALDSON by casting your vote:

OCTOBER 15, 2022

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Shelly Donaldson

Councillor Candidate




"For the Future of Metchosin"


  • Promote community-based problem solving and increase the transparency of municipal issues.

  • Promote fiscal responsibility in strategic financial decisions allowing Metchosin to maintain its low tax status.

  • Collaborate with regional Municipal councils to defend our ‘rural alternative’.

  • Represent Metchosin residents with fair, knowledgeable, and balanced decision-making.

  • Bring a strong commitment to local sustainable agricultural and ‘made-in Metchosin’ climate change plan and our OCP.

  • Advocate for a safe, active, and healthy community; and,

  • Address good governance and mutual respect for office.

My Pledge


Shelly and her husband Brent have lived in Metchosin for 33 years. Settling on a small-acreage farm three miles from where Shelly grew up as a child and it is here that they raised a family. The farm was aptly named "Ewe View Farm" at the sight of sheep peacefully grazing on a pasture created after removing broom and brambles.  Pigs industriously continued removing the invasive weeds and in turn created space for a large market garden. Shelly takes pride in providing quality food for family and friends. Farming has given her an understanding of the determined effort that goes into growing food, and being grateful for the year-round, dedicated effort of our local farmers.


After retiring from the hospitality trade as a Red Seal Chef and business owner, Shelly became more involved with community service and has dedicated over 25 years of volunteering throughout Metchosin. This experience has given her the opportunity to work alongside many residents and to hear their concerns and share ideas both in the community and at Council meetings which she attends regularly. Shelly echoes their concerns about our rural values being constantly challenged by encroaching urban sprawl at our borders, industry settling in environmentally sensitive areas, unaddressed bylaw infractions, and an increase of visitors bringing in more traffic. These factors critically impact the community fiscally and environmentally.


Shelly has experience that will benefit her role at the Council table. A strong belief that a council should function as a team, held together by open discussion and respect for differing views. Shelly will pledge that, if elected, she will be present at all council meetings (barring an emergency) and will always keep abreast of critical issues. She will listen, research, and seek solutions in a collaborative, respectful manner and will make herself available to discuss constituents' concerns.


Metchosin is a wholesome place to live, and Shelly will work hard to keep it this way!


Community Issues to Work Towards:

  • Fiscal Responsibility – Fire Hall replacement, policing, Metchosin School sustainability

  • By-law Review – Enforcement – fair and equitable process meeting the needs of all residents

  • Preserve Greenspaces and Bufferlands – resident engagement, environmental stewardship  

  • Climate Action Plan – preparation of "first time" plan – environmental and social benefits

  • Agricultural Plan – sustainable farming practices for all farmers 

  • Village Masterplan – safe transportation corridor, connecting businesses and neighbors

Community Issues I will work towards:

Community Issues I will work towards:

At Home On The Farm

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SHELLY DONALDSON - A Rock Solid Choice for Metchosin Council!

  • Broad-based Community volunteer – 25+ years

  • Regular attendant of Committee and Council meetings – 15 years

  • Municipal Budget Workshop participant – 6 years

  • Healthy Communities Advisory Committee – 4 years

  • “Bring Back our Calls” advocacy group – longstanding, proactive team volunteer

  • “Dogs in Metchosin Working Group” comprehensive review of the Metchosin Animal Control Bylaw #421

  • “Bufferland Focus Group” – advocating protection for environment and neighbors from border encroachment; Metchosin Buffer Land – team researcher 

  • Metchosin Remembrance Day March – organize public event – 10+ years

  • Metchosin Equestrian Society member – 19 years, current president

  • Equestrian Coach – Certified Horsemanship Association – educating beginner riders, all ages

  • Scouts Canada – Greater Victoria Area – educating, organizing jamborees, 15+ years

Community Activities
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Community Involvement



8 am - 8 pm Metchosin Municipal Hall

  • October   5, 2022

  • October 12, 2022



8 am - 8 pm Metchosin Community Hall

  • October 15, 2022

Please call for a ride to the polling station!

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